Welcome to Nested Threads

Welcome to my blog, Nested Threads. You know when you first start sewing and sometimes you end up with that unsightly, nasty, tangly messed up pile of threads under your fabric? That’s exactly what life looks like sometimes. Nested Threads.

Nested ThreadsMy agenda here is to show you what I have learned and experienced during my adventures in learning how to sew, quilt, and make household projects. I may wander off the beaten path occasionally and talk about something non-sewing or household related, but in general, I will try to stay on topic.

My goal is to post something about once a week, whether it’s a WIP or a new fabric purchase, or just a little household project. I’ve decided to start out by discussing my projects and learning experiences in a backlog, which makes me grateful that I took some pictures of these, even if they are not good ones. Please forgive their quality, as some of them were originally only meant to be a text message picture to show my husband as I excitedly finished a project.

At first I will only be posting about these older projects, but as I begin to catch up to the current date, you should get to see some of the current WIPs and finished projects more often. For any project that I have gotten off the internet, I will of course, link back to the original pattern or post, whether it be paid or free. As for my blog’s logo, I would like to thank my husband for taking the time to draw it for me and help me get it on here.

Thanks for coming by to read about my sewing adventures. I hope you come back soon!


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