The Buttercup Bag

I was looking for something easy to try to make, mainly a simple tote bag, when I came across the website made by Rae. She had a free pattern for her Buttercup Bag that is so cute, I had to try it.

Now mind you, I had not made a lot of things at this point. I made two dog beds that were no longer in use, and had plans to make the smaller dog, Jack, a pillowcase but had not yet got around to it. This was kind of ambitious for me.

No guts, No glory!

After our larger dog, Kendall, had torn up her bed, I couldn’t bring myself to throw it away. I’m not sure why but it just felt wasteful. So I decided to keep it and maybe use it for scraps to try out something new and this was it. Since the bed was a goner anyways, I repurposed the fabric to try to make this bag, knowing that it wasn’t something that I was going to actually use, but instead was something for me to really try to practice my sewing skills on. Something with no consequence.

IMG_0728I started with this mess of fabric and cut my pieces using the templates.
IMG_0730While I thought I was following her directions, I somehow messed up which piece to sew where, so the top pieces were put together incorrectly and I had to bust out my seam ripper to pick it apart. That’s ok, because for me this was all new and a complete learning experience. I hadn’t sewn together curved pieces and didn’t know exactly how to make the fun little pleats in front, but I managed to do ok.

I did change one thing up though. Instead of inserting a snap as she has in the directions, I added some magnets, the super strong ones that are neodymium (which at the time were cheaper than the snaps). I just sewed the magnet into a pocket, getting very close to the magnet in a circle to keep it in place. I did have a small bit of trouble keeping it exactly perfect with the metal plate on my sewing machine, and I’m sure that there’s a better way to go about this, but I was just winging it.

The other thing I changed was the use of interfacing. I didn’t have any on hand and had no idea what to use or how to use it so I just simply omitted it. This was a no consequence project, purely for practice, and I let it stay a no pressure zone. I was only going to worry about the basics. Sewing things together and making sure they looked moderately useable. 


The result wasn’t too terrible, but wasn’t perfect either. The bag is a little saggy, although I think the type of fabric I used was a major contributor. The bag is not something that I will actually use, but that’s ok. I got some valuable practice time in and it didn’t really cost me anything but the price of the magnets.

An after thought I had about the project and using the magnets was about how the magnets could possibly affect credit cards and cell phones, so I don’t think that I would use these on bags per se, but maybe other types of household projects.

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