A peak at current projects

Sometimes life gets a little hectic. Of course this is bound to happen now and again, which is why I missed making a post last week. My husband and I had an anniversary so we went on a day trip, and then our little dog accidentally ended up taken our bigger dog’s arthritis medicine, which as it happens, was three times the dosage for his size. After an emergency vet trip and three days of medicines and careful watching, writing and sewing just weren’t on my to-do list. Since I haven’t made a post in more than a week, I wanted to make sure I made at least a small one today.

So far I’ve tried to write about my previous projects before writing about my newer ones. I wanted to create a sense of continuity for the reader, but it does create a daunting task to go back 6 months or more to talk about old projects. So for today, I thought I’d give you a quick look at what I am currently up to. I happen to have three quilt projects in the works that are started. Of course many more are planned!

I have pieced and basted three, one of which is quilted, and binding has been attached to the front. Two are small baby quilts, specifically the Color Block pattern by Bijou Lovely.

14038679670_cf542b05a3_b 14038695457_08dd3c24cc_b


(She just won’t stay off this!)

The third is for my husband, using his fabric color choices for an All Things Equal quilt, which is made from a free pattern on Moda Bake Shop.


While I will probably make separate posts on all three of these later, I thought a sneak peak wouldn’t hurt.


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