Pushing Boundaries

In the past, I have not been a creative person. I didn’t typically pick out bold colors or patterns, I wouldn’t mix shades of color to save my life, and I used to not be a DIY type of person. I have found that since I picked up sewing that I have become better at all of these, but it didn’t come naturally or quickly.

My husband has tried to encourage me as he has found through the years that I do in fact like bold colors and patterns, I just don’t chose them for myself. I would find something that I liked in a book or magazine and say so, but then I would quickly add ” but I could never pull that off…” or some other negating comment. He has had to pulled me out of my colorless beige shell and has often given me the courage to try out new things.

In that spirit, when I came across a string art project I liked, I asked my husband if he would help me try it. And being the trooper he so often is, of course he said yes! So using the tutorial on The Harpster Home website, my husband and I created our own version.14276704946_2250c743f2_b-3

We ended up grabbing the last piece of wood that they had at the hardware store that was an appropriate size and had them cut it for us. It was very slightly bowed. but at the time, I decided that it wasn’t too big of a deal. The hardware store allows two cuts for free, which was nice since we were doing multiple pieces and do not own a saw.

My husband helped me pick out bold colors, reminding me that this was something that could be changed easily if I didn’t like it.  Since we also do not own a sander, we (well technically, my husband) just used good old-fashioned elbow grease to smooth out the wood.

14299606855_21f6b47ce8_bWe pretty much followed her directions, but made sure to print our maps as outlines only to save ink. 

Our original plan was to create both an Ohio version, where we are from, and a California version, being where live in, adding a nail to the bottom corners of each, tie a piece of yarn between them and hang clothes pins with pictures of our family in between.









We took a little bit to think about how we might hang these squarely while supporting the weight of the photos, with few plausible possibilities. We thought about adding a nail on the wall in between each of the pieces and wrapping the yarn around it to support some of the weight, but in the end we simply decided to add another painted board and add the clothes pins to the board via hot glue instead.


This had the added benefit of give us the option of hanging the pieces much closer together and have the photos in a much more collage type of arrangement. It also makes it easier to keep clean and change the photos out as you don’t have to be afraid of pulling the pieces down when touching the pins.

14299039874_7c61063555_bAs for the quality of the pictures, at the time of taking these, I was not aware I’d be sharing them. I think it is really a good thing though because as you can see, the time of day and quality of light really affects (effects, whichever is right) how the pieces look. In our office, the arrangement looks pretty good as we get a lot of natural light in there, but if you are going to put them in a room that doesn’t, it may really alter wether or not you will like them.  14113062197_f815707971_b

This was a fun project to create together with my husband and I managed to get a chance to pick colors I wouldn’t normally have. Our office is one of those rooms where I feel like I could basically change color schemes often enough that I don’t feel too pinned in with these colors. A coat of paint on these pieces, a new dog bed cover, new pictures in the frames and voila! A whole new look with very little costs.

While I did get off the sewing topic, I thought it was worthwhile to post about this because it gave me a chance to push past my boundaries of comfort, right into bold colors and trying out something new in DIY fashion. I previously would not have hung anything up that wasn’t strictly a traditional art piece, so I found that this was a good exercise and very liberating experience.

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