I went to JoAnn Fabrics one day early in the Fall of 2013 for one thing and of course I walked out with something else. Turkey day fabric!

4962552-420That’s right, gobble till you wobble! I saw this and thought what a good, simple project some dinner napkins would make. I think this was also just a great excuse to buy this cute little print.

I looked at a few tutorials on napkins, and did I listen? Of course not! I ended up winging it. Honestly, I think it was more the fact that I was having some issues with hand coordination. I did try doing the whole mitered corner thing, but I really don’t think I had cut my fabric straight, so they turned out a little…. well a lot…. bad. The seams are awful. That’s ok, I can say that, I made them.

The first two I made I gave up and just folded the seams down. There is no photo of the first one because it was so bad that I decided to use it as a pressing cloth and well… there may have been a stabilizing accident, so goodbye was said to it. (Learned a real good lesson there about only paying attention to the project your working on, haha!)


The third one I made some effort on fixing, the fourth one I took the scissors to and tried to straighten it up some, which did end up paying off. I have folded the corners down so that you can see a little bit of the mitered corners. These have been used a whole bunch, but the odd shaping is really just due to my rookie green showing through.

14277558246_6770299156_b 14297342471_bbe9068ee6_b









After Thanksgiving was over, we had used these a few times and grown used to not using paper towels, so I decided to make an everyday set. I caught some already clearances fabric on sale at JoAnn’s that matched my kitchen counters, so I grabbed enough for eight smaller napkins and tried again.

I found a different method which I managed to do much better this time. I used this tutorial from Sewbon which I followed to the T. Now this set is used EVERY day. They are wrinkly and soft and maybe not 100% perfect, but honestly they are soooooo much better than that first set and I really do love them. While I would have liked to purchase a print that was more to my taste, these match my 70’s kitchen counters wonderfully.


They have saved us a bunch of money instead of buying paper towels, I’m sure. It was an adjustment at first, my husband and I had to take turns reminding each other that we had them, but now we just grab one from the linen drawer in the kitchen and don’t even think about it.

I’ve also made two sets of four napkins for my MIL. The cream with red vines came from a yard I found at the LQS (local quilt shop) and the brown leaves were from left over fabrics that I used to make her quilt. I thought it might help her achieve the same goal of saving some dough through little changes, plus it does help keep trash out of those waste bins.







While I snapped a photo at the post office, I barely managed to get the ziplock bag shut and I was NOT opening it once I realized I still needed a picture. Instead, my MIL gladly took pictures for me to show you with. (Thanks Mom :))

I’m really glad I found this tutorial and appreciate that it has been so useful.


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