Five Finish Friday!

This week has seemed to fly by. I had six WIPs that were sitting in a stack. While six may not seem like a lot to some people, to me that felt like a TON as I try not to be engaged in any more than one or two projects at a time. However, when my old machine started fritzing out on me while I was FMQing, I tried just piecing something new, cleaning the machine, ect, ect… Which led to the pile. So this week, after getting my new machine back from the shop, I was in completionist mode. I wanted these WIPs cleared up.

14381261533_fb207a15ee_bFirst up was one of the two Color Block quilts I was working on. It just needed the binding attached and I finished the back by hand. Not too terrible a task, but binding by hand is time-consuming for me.

14337984906_43db0012e2_b 14174460058_a5dd5b267c_b








Second and third, (yep, I’m counting these as two) we have two T-shirt practice quilts. I used some of my old Nike t-shirts and my husband’s old pirate t-shirts to make small quilts that will most likely be going in dog crates as the old ones get torn up. Seven of the squares already had stabilizer on the back of them, I just had to run to the store and get a bit more for the eighth, some backing, and I could finish. The Nike mini was the first thing I tried on the new machine, so the stitches are a bit uneven and there is no real pattern. I tried stars, loops, swirls and stippling in order to get a little more accustomed to it. With the pirate one I tried to stick with one method for each square, becoming a little more consistent as I went. They each measure 24″ x 24″.

14337983376_b71cf58757_bI was able to use scrap batting from my stash and the backing for these was the Quilter’s Showcase prints (50% off) from Jo-Anns. I just folded over the backing to use as the binding.  Since these aren’t exactly high stakes quilts, I was going on the cheap. Aren’t these pups just adorable when they do their posing thing and even sit on the right quilt? I didn’t even have to coax them into being good for that, the stars aligned and it just happened. 🙂










Fourth up was my husband’s quilt that I promised I’d make him a while ago. I fussed at the old machine in order to even get the FMQing finished, but binding was a no go. So this week, I made and attached the binding, and finished it by hand to the back. This quilt measures 54″ x 72″, so it took me a while to do.

Last up is a small finish, but it was in progress when the old machine went belly up, so it sat half-finished in the pile as well. I had taken the scraps from my husband’s quilt and put together this little pillow. I make all my pillows as envelope covers to fit pillow forms. I find it’s easier to keep them clean, and as a bonus, I can add stuffing whenever the form is feeling a little limp.

Even though I only managed to get to five of the six completed, it still feels like a lot to me, especially considering that I am still getting acquainted with the new machine.  I will be posting on her in the very near future, so stay tuned.

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One Response to Five Finish Friday!

  1. You didn’t have a lot left in any of the projects, but even with that, it’s a lot done in one week, especially with a new machine to learn. Good job! LOVE your husband’s quilt and the pillow from it.


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