WIP Wednesday

While it doesn’t feel like I managed to get a whole lot done this week, I did make some progress. I made a backing for my baby sized Juicy quilt, started organizing my fabric scraps, tried my hand at paper piecing.

The backing has this 20″ x 10″ rectangle I put together from scraps I had left over from the front. I used a white muslin I had on hand to enclose it, placing it off-center. This quilt will have to wait to be quilted until later since I don’t have the batting I need for it, and I won’t be purchasing anything else until after we get moved and settled. For now, the quilt top and backing has been folded up and put into a storage bin.


Since my husband and I are moving in about 3 weeks(!) I wanted to reduce the amount of fabric, scraps and accessories I am taking with me. If they aren’t going to be used, there’s no need for them to take up space and be moved across the country. I sat down at my makeshift sewing station and tried to sort through my scraps and only keep what I think I may actually use. So far, I’ve only managed to get through (most of) the first storage bin. I feel like this is actually a slow going process. I keep having to remind myself of Joan Ford’s saying from her Scrap Therapy books – “It’s OK to throw away!”










Some of the lower quality scraps that are a thin poly blend went straight into the waste bin as I know I will never use them, but others that are 100% cotton were sat aside to finally try some paper piecing.

14350709949_5f00e32d2b_hI started with the Whirling Star from the Solstice Stars Series at Fresh Lemons, tried the Circle of Flying Geese from Pieced by Number, and then moved on to the Star block from the Summer Sampler Series, which is also at Fresh Lemons. Each of these were selected with purpose as I see as a stepping stone to items on my quilty bucket list.


I had a little difficulty with the last block. It seemed like it would be a simpler block, but getting the right size scraps was a little tough since I was running low. I ended up having to fudge the last little piece of yellow I had. You can see in the top of the picture that it doesn’t really line up properly.


I must have been getting pretty tired at the end because I ended up getting my two pieces of fabrics switched around on the very last of the four quarters. I was getting ready to sew it together when I noticed.

14556691634_f9817d4cd9_oHonestly, I probably would have just printed out a new template and started over again, but I had no more yellow fabric left, so I just picked it out, and cut new pink and patterned fabrics.  I somehow managed to make it work, which was surprising because my fabrics were started to shred around the edges after the excessive handling.

I’m glad I at least dipped my toes in the water, even if they didn’t turn out perfect. When I do finally try a real project, I will be sure to have a little extra fabric on hand and cut the fabric as large as the author states to have, which wasn’t done because I was limited to the scraps I had on hand.

I’m thinking maybe I will add a border around these blocks and turn them into quilted canvas if I have room in my new sewing space, so these blocks don’t just become orphans.

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3 Responses to WIP Wednesday

  1. katyquilts says:

    Love your blocks. I think they look great! Good luck with your move!


  2. Hope your move is happy and goes well! Good for you in organizing your scraps AND for trying out some paper piecing. All your blocks look fabulous!


  3. Rachel says:

    Nice work on the paper piecing! I’m still screwing up my courage. Your blocks came out very nice and that canvas idea is quite neat. I’ll have to remember it! Thanks!


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