WIP – Granny Square Quilt

This week, I have been working on making some squares for a granny square quilt. There’s a tutorial that I have been following on the Moda Bake Shop by Jolene of Blue Elephant Stitches. I am using a jelly roll of Middletown Place by Windham Fabrics and some Porcelain yardage of Bella Solids.

14428772360_4432c9e886_kI haven’t had time to do too much work on it with our move approaching in less than two weeks, only 10 of the 20 squares are finished. There are two of each of the squares shown below. Even if I do manage to get the squares finished, I won’t be assembling them until after we get settled in.

I learned a valuable lesson with these: always measure the width of your jelly roll before using. I realized after making the first few strips – which turned into the first two blocks – that my roll was 2.75″ wide instead of 2.5″, making those first two blocks a bit uneven. I may decide to remake them later if I have enough leftovers.

14428806638_0beb309418_kI also made myself a circle skirt on Monday, which seemed to go well, so I decided to try making some capris based off of a pair I already own that fit pretty well. It isn’t going so well, as I made two right legs!









I know it is hard to see from the pictures, the right leg is fine but the left leg has been sewn with the wrong sides together instead of the right sides together. I am going to try to rip the seam out of one and flip the fabrics around and see if I can’t finish them up. I would really like to have these finished and (crosses fingers) wearable by the time we leave. Sitting in the car for four straight days requires some comfy stretch capris.

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1 Response to WIP – Granny Square Quilt

  1. Those stretch capris would be ideal for a car trip. Hope you can work it out. Love your pretty Granny Square blocks. Have a safe and successful move! We’ll be looking forward to more of those Granny blocks and some ‘new sewing room’ shots when you are all settled in!


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