Quilty Bucket List

Here are some of the items that are on my quilty bucket list at the moment. I have tried to choose things that I feel would be a good challenge for my current skill level and would make me grow as a quilter.
A Vintage Quilt Revival Sampler

Vintage Quilt Revival was the first quilting book I ever purchased. The reason it is on my list is because there is a mix of techniques. I have never tried paper piecing, and it has become this scary sort of beast that has taken on a life of its own. I think that this would be a great book to work through because it would allow me to do some skill building in multiple different areas.

Double Wedding Ring Quilt

I honestly don’t think that I would have the patience to complete a double wedding ring quilt at the moment. The traditional method looks intense to me, so if I do one of these, it would most likely be not a true one, but one using the Quick Curve Ruler. The pattern is called Metro Rings, by Sew Kind of Wonderful.

Dresden Plate Quilt

I bought the template to try one of these, but still haven’t managed to just do it. I don’t necessarily have a desire to do a whole quilt, but a wall hanging or table topper would do. Maybe even one of those turkeys for Thanksgiving like the one at MSQC.

Modern Star Quilt Medallion

I saw this block on Gen-X Quilter’s block library and have fawned over it for quite a while. The tutorial is for a 12″ finished block, but I would really like to make it twice the size and have it as a medallion for small quilt. I think this would be a good skill builder as well for my skill level.

New York Beauty Circle of Flying Geese/Spiral of Flying Geese/Right Round

Once I learn to paper piece, I would love to do a project with the New York Beauty Circle of Flying Geese, Spiral of Geese, and the Right Round patterns. all of these patterns are sold by Better off Thread via Craftsy.


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